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Reward Program

The "Take Action" reward program provides $500.00 in qualifying cases to theater employees who identify patrons illegally recording a movie.

To be eligible for a reward, five actions must be taken:

  1. Identify a person operating a video camera or other recording device to copy a movie in a theater
  2. Immediately notify the police
  3. Stop the recording before the movie ends
  4. File a police report, and
  5. Contact the MPAA within 24 hours of the incident ((800) 371-9884).

The theater employee who identifies the person operating the recording device is the person eligible to receive a reward, even though that employee likely worked with theater management, theater security, and/or local police to complete the other four required actions. The grant of any prize, award, reward, or other incentive issued by the MPAA, NATO, and/or the joint Theatrical Camcorder Reward Program, including the amount or form of such prize, award, reward, or other incentive, is made at the sole discretion of the MPAA and NATO.

Click here to download the Reward Program Application.